Dr Alexandros Roniotis was born in 1983 in Heraklion, Crete, Greece, where he lives permanently. He has two kids, Eleftherios and Nandia.

On June 2006 he graduates with distinction from the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications (DIT), University of Athens, Greece. On September 2007 he is awarded the MSc in Signal Processing and Communications, from the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London, United Kingdom. 

After completing military service, on November 2008, he joins the Computational Medicine Laboratory (CML), Institute of Computer Science (ICS), Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH) till 2015. In CML he gets involved in several EC projects, while on May 2009 he starts his PhD in the Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering, Technical University of Crete and completes it on September 2013. Then he works at his PostDoc in automatic depression detection from sound and teaches in the Hellenic Mediterranean University. Since 2017, he works permanently as an IT teacher in Primary Education.

Parallel to his research, he gets involved in Website and Application Development for customers. In 2009 he launches his website about the Greek island of Crete, cretanbeaches.com, which soon becomes the most popular tourist guide and in 2012 he publishes his first book about the beaches of Crete, Blue Crete. In 2013 he launches a small startup company called DigiExplore. The company in 2014 launches the application My Crete Guide for smart devices, which gets steadily ranked first in Google and Apple stores since the first month of distribution, among 200+ apps about Crete. The company also gets involved in content editing about Crete for external customers, such as the Region of Crete and the shipping company Minoan Lines.